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General Contractors, Remodeling , Home improvement, Painting Services

  1. Custom-made Cabinetry

    Cabinets can add elegance to your space. That is why we can fabricate any style to meet your expectations with high-end materials. We offer custom made wall units, any style Murphy beds and also refinish your existing kitchen cabinets.

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  2. Kitchen Remodeling

    We know kitchens are a central part of your home, we will transform your kitchen into a great place to stay adding a touch of elegance and comfort.

    We design and fabricate your kitchen cabinets any style and finish.

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  3. Hardwood Floor Installation and Refinish

    Is it time to replace old and worn floors? We offer complete flooring services from refinishing to the installation of new hardwood floors. (Samples available)

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  4. Floating Shelves

    Perfect for small or tight spaces we offer floating shelves to meet your needs.

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  5. Frameless Shower Doors

    Make your bathroom an oasis. We offer a variety of frameless shower doors to meet your needs.

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  6. Bathroom Remodeling

    Our designers will create a style to meet your expectations.

    Wall and floor material samples available upon request.

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  7. Ambiance LED Lighting

    We can upgrade any space with elegant ambiance LED lighting

    We will upgrade any space with elegant Ambiance LED Lighting

  8. Counter Tops

    We are committed to durability and style. That is why we offer custom countertops from marble, granite, and quartz. We also provide polish services.

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  9. Audio and Video System

    We offer audio and video system installations perfect for your entertainment needs.

  10. Wireless Home Control System

    For those who want to take comfort and entertainment to the next level, we offer wireless home control systems. You can adjust and control lights, shades, heating, and cooling from anywhere in your home.

    • Easy installation
    • Energy Saving
    • Total control from keypads, sensors, and mobile devices.
  11. Climate Control System

    For an excellent energy efficient approach, we offer climate control systems.

  12. Decorative Glass


    CVM Contractors Inc. is proud to be your single source glass contractor for all architectural glazing and glass installation needs. With experience in the field of custom glass works, glazing and architectural designs, our work includes installation of curtain walls, storefronts, entrances, enclosures, revolving doors and tabletops.

    We offer top-level service for both residential and commercial installations, including high-rise apartment buildings, utilizing high-quality materials.


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  13. Finance Program

    At CVM Contractors Inc we want to ensure all customers achieve the home of their dreams. That is why CVM Contractors Inc offers an in-house financing program. We will work with each customer on an individual basis to determine how best to meet their remodeling and financial goals. Whether your home is in need of a new kitchen, bathroom, or floors, or whether you need a whole renovation of your property; CVM Contractors Inc wants to ensure your dreams become a reality.

    Our designers will work with you to create the place of your dreams while staying within your budget.

    Do not hesitate to pick up your phone and call us today!

    We will set up a meeting with one of our designers at your home and start planning your new project!

    Let us know your ideas and we will combine them with our experience, together we will create the home of your dreams!